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Hearth Families Inc. was incorporated in August, 2000 when a bill was introduced in the Manitoba Legislature that posed a threat to the education rights of families.

Hearth Families Inc. is governed by membership elected officials and is a non-profit organization funded by modest membership fees, donations and fundraisers.  The Executive is made up of a President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer, all residing within the province of Manitoba. Our membership is spread throughout the province with national outreach and interests.

Hearth Families Inc. is active in many areas; this includes a wide range of issues ranging from education at a local and provincial level, parental rights and pending provincial and federal legislation related to the family. Hearth Families Inc. acts as an education liaison provincially, and has been involved with the federal and provincial governments in an advisory capacity in guarding the parental rights of families. A great deal of time and resources is spent in guidance, counseling and dispersing information.


​Hearth Families Inc. is dedicated to helping all people come to know Christ as their Saviour. We actively seek to win government officials to Christ, realizing that this is the hope of our country and society.

                                                          Box 1555, Winkler, Manitoba  R6W 4B4
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