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Hearth Families Inc. support its members in the following ways:

Curriculum Fairs

Hearth Families Inc. hosts an annual Curriculum Fair in order to give homeschool families the opportunity to buy and sell new and used books and materials. Representatives from various curriculum sellers and publishers are also present.

Monthly Newsletters

Members receive newsletters that outline fundraising projects, upcoming events, memos and reminders from Manitoba Education, as well as news items of interest.


Newsletters are available in print or via email.

Information on Issues

Hearth Families Inc. notifies its members about important issues and news items affecting the family.

New--Tutoring Assistance

Hearth Families has added experienced, trusted tutoring contacts to our membership who are available for hire to assist members in their educational journey.  Contact Hearth for details.

Counseling / Guidance

Hearth Families Inc. supports its members through individual counseling, workshops and meetings. Areas include home education, curriculum options as well as other family issues and concerns.

Volunteer Opportunities

Hearth Families Inc. exists on the efforts of volunteers. The Executive is always interested in recruiting more volunteers to assist with events and fundraising projects.


Fundraisers are held throughout the year to offset the costs of various projects.  Through the efforts and generosity of members and non members alike Hearth Families Inc. is able to continue defending the rights of the family.

                                                          Box 1555, Winkler, Manitoba  R6W 4B4
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