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Hearth Families Inc. Membership

1.  To become a member of Hearth Families Inc., please read the Introduction Letter and Statement of  Faith.


2.  Upon agreement, complete the membership form.


3.  Completed membership form and payment can be handed directly to a member of the executive or mailed to

      Hearth Families Inc. at Box 1555, Winkler MB, R6W 4B4. Upon acceptance, a member of the executive will be

      in contact with you to confirm your membership.


4.  To renew a membership, simply fill out the renewal form found below and return it along with payment as 

      indicated in #3.


5.  Please note that to become a member I/We consent to receiving information via phone, fax, mail or email 

     from Hearth Families Incorporated.


                                                          Box 1555, Winkler, Manitoba  R6W 4B4
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